Supporting organisations in:

  • complex contested terrains
  • conflict and aggression
  • value-laden contexts
  • creative contexts
  • financial crisis
  • intractable situations
  • governance failure
  • management vacuum
  • bullying, and passive aggressive cultures
  • transition
  • growth through amalgamation
  • capacity building

providing services such as:

  • research
  • evaluation
  • development planning
  • visioning
  • strategic planning
  • operational restructuring
  • organisational rescue
  • IT implementation
  • facilitation
  • marketing advice
  • leadership coaching
  • financial review

Organizational Rescue

Too often lack of clarity of aims and objectives can be combined with poor staff management and a lack of requisite skills to produce an organisation in crisis and at risk of failure. Failure may then be politically unacceptable with the result that a vicious cycle of failure and denial leads to the disappearing of public funds into a black hole.

There can frequently be collusion to ensure that problems are not named.

These can include:
• strategic drift
• minimal delivery of results
• dependency on a funding relationship with no link to outcomes
• litigious personnel
• fraud
• blame culture

We have successfully intervened in several agencies to ensure:
• recovery of focus and strategic development
• transparency of financial reporting
• the establishment of a culture of achievement

Interim Management

Growth for all organisations can be a painful process. Voluntary organisations in particular can experience challenges to their ethos, working practice and personal relationships which can be painful, damaging and destructive.

We can work with you to re-discover the passion and commitment that sometimes gets lost when our very survival is threatened.

We support you to comprehensively evaluate your activities, structures and governance to secure the long-term success of your organisation, founded in a reconnection with and reanimation of the core purpose of the organisation.

Supervision, Coaching and Mentoring

External supervision can make the difference between good work and great work. With support from an independent skilled manager your own staff can excel beyond their expectations. We use affirmative reflective techniques to help everyone achieve beyond their goals.

Clarifying purpose, validating motivations and exploring exciting possibilities can make a humdrum job into a stimulating career.

We help to put perspective on the daily drudgeries of the workplace transforming the organisation into an opportunity for growth rather than a constraint on your ambitions.

We can work with your teams to revolutionise your daily practice. Too often we are presented with simple mechanistic learning pathways – skills focussed and reductionist – which deny the individual and rich gifts that all of your workers and volunteers bring to the work. We can help you develop supervisory mechanisms which enable your people to flourish. We can introduce you to non-hierarchical modes of working which free everyone (leadership and management too!) from the projections and limitations of authority. (The old paradigm of management thinking is being migrated wholesale to the third sector killing off the very innovative and enabling thinking that made us special in the first place.)

Policies and Procedures

Too often smaller organisations have to waste time in developing policies and procedures when all they want to do is get on with the job of making a difference.

Use our extensive resources to save you time when confronted by commissioners insisting on a lengthy list of compliance materials. Our policies and practices have been tested in diverse contractual situations and can help you to make sense of the legistlative/compliance nightmare.

Using our templates you can evaluate and establish your own working practices in line with developing best practice in the sector.