The growing insistence of funders on measurable outcomes can blind us to the special results that small voluntary organisations conjure up from minimal resources through the application of hard work, inspiration and dedication.

Too often our evaluation pathways are based on over-simplified or irrelevant measures of inputs or outputs, not valuing the real changes that we support our clients to achieve.

It takes strength to resist the normative pressures of the accountants and auditors. We can help you to develop your own rich measures of impact and change. We can evaluate your services to identify the rich and subtle contributions that your organisation makes to the health and wellbeing of the community and the environment.

Very little of what we do in the voluntary sector can be measured in a simplistic fashion. And yet our impact is huge. Shared meaning can help you to develop your own evaluation techniques, integrated within your own practice, so it’s not an additional burden, but instead supports and provokes your people to deliver beyond their best aspirations.